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Caron Wagstaff

July 2023

Great Sails. Great service. When it comes to buying new sails, you need a supplier that will give you a quality product and great service as well. Purchasing new sails is a big investment and you need to get it right. When our sails failed in the Pacific, we needed to measure the boat and current sails in order to be able to purchase replacements. Not easy when you don’t have a sail loft! The team at Rolly Tasker Australia did a great job in talking us through the process and answering all our questions quickly and efficiently . The quotation was fast and contained all the information we needed to choose the extras and place the order. Once ordered, they continually updated us with the manufacturing progress and then once the sails were shipped, tracked them through the journey to Tahiti where we had agreed they would be delivered. The sails arrived ahead of schedule and were even delivered to our boat in the marina.. An absolute 5 star service.

Ken Knight

June 2023

I recently bought a lazy jack boom bag and the product received is fantastic. It looks great when it is all packed away, and so easy to use single handed. I followed the measurements on the online order-form and it all fitted up perfectly.
Thanks guys!

Daniel Fechner

August 2022

A friend of mine referred me to Rolly Tasker Australia after we spoke about me wanting some new sails. Greg and Sam really seem to understand customer service and have been absolutely amazing. I got my brand new sails and not only that - I also got them to do my rigging. I’ve struggled a lot to find a rigger that actually is willing to do some work on my old 25ft yacht. It seems that most companies want to only deal with the top end of the market. Not so Greg and Sam. I think I must have rung them 20times to ask all sorts of random question and asked for customisation. They made me feel I’m a pain and were super helpful all the way along. I shall post some pictures once I have test sailed them :-)

Thank you Greg and Sam for your outstanding 5-star service!! You guys are amazing!

Leo Zidek

November 2022

I experienced the best service possible with a legendary company. Derrick Warne was exceptional to ensure I received top quality and support. He said Leo please call me directly anytime, and this was the case as I kept calling him. A true sailer very professional and a knowledgeable gentleman. He pursued any information he couldn't answer within the tasker team for my mainsail, trysail, screecher and deck gear. I am a huge fan of the late legendary Rolly Tasker and find all who work for Tasker Sails feel the same. Hooray.

Simon Crane

January 2023

good service, product (sail cover) looks great.

Kevin Craig

August 2023

I was very happy with the service from Rolly Tasker Australia.Discussion with Greg around the design of my sails was very helpful. Pricing was better than other quotes and the quality of the finished product is excellent.

Yani Garcia

June 2022

Very professional company and excellent customer services. We ordered a main sail and boom cover for our Hunter 29.5 through Greg Newton. He came to take measurements and was a pleasure to deal with. We received the new sail within expected timeframe but there was an issue with the cut: the roach was much less than envisaged for a B&S rig with no backstay, and the foot was too long, leaving no room to use the outhaul. After raising the issue with Greg, he investigated and discovered a printed error on the online Hunter 29.5 manual and rig specs. I sent the sail back to RT and we received the correctly cut sail just a few days later, at no extra cost. Highly profesional treatment by Greg and RT, making the customer -myself- feel comfortable at all times! On my own experience I would certainly highly recommend Greg and Rolly Tasker!
Sergio (Yani) G

Brendon Grieve

September 2022

I ordered a new mainsail, genoa and Code '0' with pole for my Lagoon 380 in Fremantle to replace the twenty year old sails. The ordering process was very simple. Rolly Tasker Sails Australia sent a measurement form to complete. I engaged a professional to ensure these were taken correctly. The new sails turned up as scheduled some weeks later and all fitted perfectly! I have subsequently also ordered and received a new spinnaker. I have now sailed almost 1,000nm with the new rig and my boat performs amazingly! Thank you guys :)

Edward Van Oort

November 2022

I needed a new jib for my Catalina 380. The guys at Rolly Tasker were very helpful (and patient - there were a few months between my first enquiry and my order). It fits perfectly, the actual process was pleasant, quick and professional. Their pricing is competitive, but my impression is that quality is not compromised.

Dale Evans

November 2022

The staff are very friendly and helpful and the sails are great. This is my second order as I renovate sail boats. I expect they won't be the last. Thankyou.

Emile Kurukchi

July 2022

I needed to replace the boom sail bag on my Lagoon 380. The measurement form was easy to use with detailed explanation. I received a prompt email response and had the order confirmed. The parcel was delivered within a couple of weeks ahead of expected manufacturing time. It was well packed with a bonus drawstring bag which will be very useful. The quality and detail in the stitching and other components is impressive. Installation instructions were easy to follow, and all components were well labelled. It was actually fun and exciting fitting the boom bag. The zip is sturdy and easy to align and close. Feels like it will last for years. I had a big issue with birds getting into my previous boom bag and nesting in the sails. This boom bag fits snugly and has flaps which completely block access to the inside - I haven’t had a single bird get in which I am so happy about. My experience has been very positive and doubt I will go elsewhere when I need to replace sails.
Thank you again for the great service and quality product.

Kevin Bradshaw

July 2023

They built us a superb furling genoa at a price/quality that put the "Big Boys" to shame!

Mark coleman

June 2023

Good service, delivery, and product

Jody H

April 2022

Super fast, super competitive and really nice to deal with.

Robert Schmitz

August 2022

Great service and appreciate the expertise of the sales staff who pointed out potential mistakes I had made in the measurements for my boat. The end result was a perfectly fitting main sail with great quality and quick turn around at a good price. strongly recommend.

Stephen Wardle

May 2022

I purchased an asymmetrical spinnaker and a Gale sail from RT. Greg was really helpful with his advise and recommendations. The sails arrived promptly and are great quality - also very competitively priced. I will definitely use them again.

Stewart Gartland

May 2022

I know we over do the term "wow factor" these guys deserve that accolade! We somehow decided on the wrong item and the process of return and exchange could not have been easier, more prompt or accommodating. Very happy with the product and service, thanks Sam

Mathew Wright

August 2022

Greg and the boys at Rolly Tasker Sails Australia were fantastic in helping me solve a logistical problem and they were able to produce a sail very rapidly that I needed and get it to France in record speed - thanks again -
Matthew Wright - Golden Globe Race entrant 2022

Stephen Hay

July 2023

Great responsive advice prior to sale and product is great. Thanks!

Grant Watkins

June 2022

I originally had intended to upgrade my Catalina 270's furling head sail only and live with the original fully battened main for a few more years, but after one sail with my new 150 genoa I was blown away! The shaping is amazing and greatly reduces the time spent trimming and re-trimming. I opted for the Luff foam addition which allows for a more efficient partly furled sail. The power and ease of use left me with no choice but to bring forward the Main sail purchase. My New Rolly Tasker Sails really have given me an appreciation of how far Sail design has come. Thanks Greg for all your help with the boat visit, sure glad we measured the Main at the same time!! Regards Grant.W.


July 2023

Great service, fast delivery, lovely cruising mainsail for my small yacht.

Jeff Mercer

May 2022

Hi Sam , we tried the new sail yesterday in the winter series. We were running a little late so didn’t have a lot of time to play before the race. The sail looks great, it’s a different boat in the lite . Up the first beat we performed well ,it was pretty average day wind wise. We also used the new kite as well  ,very happy with that as well. 


April 2022

The product is a premium product, it looks and works really well, its quality of workmanship is excellent, It represents the value which I paid

George Brink and Cathy Parks.

Jan 2022

Already quite some time ago that we received our sails on time as promised, very impressed seen the current times.We’re very busy since then and did only a little bit of sailing but like you to know that we are very happy and impressed about the whole procedure and above all the quality and performance of the sails and the perfect fit.  Many thanks for your assistance and whoever asks me i will certainly recommend Rolly Tasker.I don’t know if you are aware but i follow the channel of sailing yacht Florance. They made a very nice video about them set up with new sails in Thailand. Very informative and interesting and a testimony how the company deals with people.

Tony Wade

May 2022

Very helpful from the first phone call.

The product is very high quality and I'm confident in using it.

My boat is in Sydney but I live in Canberra so there were obviously going to be logistical considerations. Everything was able to be done without me being there. I actually joked to another boater at our mooring that I just provide my credit card number and I turn up to the boat and it's got new bits on it...

Duncan McKenzie

May 2022

I was involved in detailed discussion with the Tasker representative very soon after my on line enquiry and was able to resolve all measurement and other issues very easily rssolved.

very happy with the quality and details of the construction and finish.
The sails also work really well!

Sergio Garcia

May 2022

Highly profesional treatment by Greg and RT, making the customers -myself- feel comfortable at all times! Much appreciated!

Adrian Smith

June 2022

Even if Rolly didn't have a website....his Team have all the answers!

The team at Rolly tasker are into the biz of sail making and understand the quote process and are really helpful with all stages.

I pay for Rolly tasker because I know the sails work.

Just all round good customer service.

The quality and value are leading top shelf selection and that makes the value.

Brad & Julie - Grey Seal - Airlie Beach

Oct 2021

Quick thank you for providing us with our new Mainsail. Size, shape, cut, reinforcing, are excellent. Still yet to get out for performance, which I have no doubt will be great going by marina set today.

Another satisfied customer

Daniel Fechner

August 2021

A friend of mine referred me to Rolly Tasker Australia after we spoke about me wanting some new sails. Greg and Sam really seem to understand customer service and have been absolutely amazing. I got my brand new sails and not only that - I also got them to do my rigging. I’ve struggled a lot to find a rigger that actually is willing to do some work on my old 25ft yacht. It seems that most companies want to only deal with the top end of the market. Not so Greg and Sam. I think I must have rung them 20times to ask all sorts of random question and asked for customisation.

Thank you Greg and Sam for your outstanding 5-star service!! You guys are amazing!

Colin Stone

August 2021

Hi Sam

Forgot to let you know how the code 55 went. It’s fantastic had it out the other weekend in about 7 to 9knots sailing at about 60 degrees and not even trying were doing around 6.5 knots. We were sail with a 11.6 sea wind cat and our Bavaria 33 cruiser with the code 55 left him for dead. He wasn’t happy but we were. Great investment.

Ricki NZ

July 2021

I have to say your guys customer service advice and movement on pricing currency and accommodating requests is unbelievable, it is quite a rare thing to find these days for such helpful and honest service I thought me and my father were the only ones left who worked like that ha ha

Anyway thanks again Greg and know I will be an avid promoter of your customer services to all I meet on this side of the ditch thanks again have a fantastic day cheers the Moonraker crew.

Glenn Forrest

July 2021

Hi Sam,

All installed. Works perfectly. Thanks for the great product and service

Simon Zablotsky

June 2021

Hi Sam,

I received my Lazy Jack boom bag today, Thankyou.
I must say I was surprised at the high quality of the item as it surpassed my expectations.
It looks fantastic, I don’t believe I’ve seen one like this in the whole marina, so we’ll made. It’s really going to give our boat a facelift and I’m sure be the envy I’ve our marina neighbours.
I’ll definitely be passing this information on to the others.

Many thanks to both you and Greg. I can’t wait to order a new main

Reiner Gudd - Brisbane

May 2021

We got a Rolly Tasker MPS made for our Catalina 320 a few weeks back
We are very impressed with the Sail and with the customer service we received
Good to see old fashion quality business is still alive
I know where we buy our next sail
Thank you guys heaps, Cheers

Matt & Amy


Yesterday we went for a shake down sail with the new sails and they look great, we had perfect conditions for testing the staysail with a couple of 20 knot gusts. The only sail we did not try out was the new spinnaker as we decided to wait for lighter winds to try that for the first time. Everything fits perfectly, the sail shapes look fantastic. The sails are excellent, the mainsail particularly is a work of art and has a beautiful shape, so much better than the old one! Please can you pass on our heartfelt thanks to your team at the loft, they have made us some wonderful sails. Thank you very much.

Pierre Skinner

April 2021

Hi Greg and Sam.

Thank you for your professional service with our new main sail. We have it rigged now and it looks great.

Lagoon 440 Mainsail

Doug Haynes

March 2021

Greg, boom bag arrived today.
Great presentation & manufacture !

Mark Bradley

Mark Bradley

Many thanks for another fine Rolly Tasker product. Just completed the sail bag/lazy jacks installation today and as you can see a perfect fit, containing my new mainsail you supplied earlier, also a perfect fit. Great products and service, many thanks.

Nigel Bairstow

Jan 2021

Thank you so much. I’m looking forward to receiving it. RollyTasker will always be my sail of choice 😀
You are doing a great job keeping the Rolly Tasker brand.

Marco Umer

Jan 2021

Thank you Sam,
The Lazy Jack Boom Bag worked perfectly, my partner was really impressed about the quality and service. We will consider your products for our future needs.

Richard Muhlack

Nov 2020

I would firstly like to extend my thanks to Rolly Tasker Sails for the quality sails you supplied for our Clipper 21 earlier this year. Up until the restrictions of COVID we were out on the water most weekends, and have been extremely pleased with the quality and performance of our new sails (which even helped see us to a 4th place on handicap in the 2020 Milang-Goolwa Freshwater Classic !).

Many folks down here have asked us about our new sails and we have been more than happy to provide a good recommendation, so much so that we would now like to add an asymmetrical spinnaker to the sail wardrobe.

Keith Robinson

Nov 2020

I cannot wait to get new Main ,
If you can send me some business cards that would be great , your service has been excellent and I would like to pass that on.
As a past racer and now cruiser in North Queensland for over 35 Years I am constantly asked at the Marine where my boat is moored where I get my gear made as I keep my Boat pristine with only the best and latest gear and upgrades it will finally be great to have a sail maker I can recommend with confidence.

David Legggett

Oct 2020

Good Morning Greg
I wanted to send you an email , to say thank you for the new headsail for my Bavaria 38.
The quality of workmanship and general quality of the sail is outstanding! It looks great, fits perfectly and I am sure it will perform very well also.

Glenn and Robyn. Free Spirit

October 2020

Thank you very much, your service has been exemplary, and your enthusiasm for delivering a high quality, value for money product No. 1, in my opinion.

Ludovic Paul

Sep 2020

I first wanted to let you know, how much I appreciate your professionalism and responsiveness, pretty rare these days. It is a pleasure doing business with you guys.

Keith Robinson

Sep 2020

The sail is excellent thanks and your delivery time was to say the least outstanding , Quality is excellent!

Rob Breen

Sep 2020

I just received your gift of sailing gloves, completely unexpected! Very nice, and a perfect fit. The sail boom bag continues to be a joy to use.
We’ll be back in touch when we look to replace our sails too. Having watched the manufacture of sails through the You Tube channel Sailing Yacht Florence, we were impressed by their quality.

Ross Turner - Hanse Yachts

Very pleased to report that the Cruising Code Zero you supplied for our Hanse 458 is superb – very pleased with the sail and prompt delivery so thank you for your efforts – it adds a stunning turn of pace to the boat so we’ll be highly recommending this to our future owners.

Dini and Pablo

Your customer service and shipping times were exceptional, keep up the good work!

John Rogers - Najad 490

It couldn’t have been easier. Think any buyer of the boat should have many years of good service with this sail and certainly last longer than the laminates.
Many thanks for your prompt service

David Seychell

The RFG – Sail I fitted last week however the breeze was fairly light and this weekend proved for perfect weather!
I am so far very impressed with the build quality of the sail, the stich, shape and size are all on que being a very professional job.
I am very impressed with the Roller Tasker build quality and would recommend to anyone at this point. The Graphics have also come up an absolute treat for scale and size, for a 100% satisfied customer.

Stephen Jones

Everything fitted up great, thanks for a really well made product and super service, the extra gift arrived in the mail and really was a surprise, thank you very much. We will be looking to have new main sail and Genoa made next year and you will be the first port of call. Thanks again for the great service.
Sincerely Stephen Jones.

John Green

“Mark and I are very happy with the work. The service was very professional, high quality and competitively priced. I would be pleased to recomend your services.”

Rob Wilson

“I was very pleased to receive my new sail in the mail this morning, I wasn’t expecting it, my only disappointment is that I’m slipping the boat this weekend and I can’t play with it. Thank you for your good service.”

Bob Eden

“Thanks for your efforts in getting the correct information. I truly value your expertise and professionalism.”

David Mills

The spin box/bag is really good. Has all the features I would have thought of and then some and the workmanship is excellent. Might have to think about another for my lightweight!

John Kennedy

“Talk about responsive!”

Peter McCorquodale

“The sails are going great. The fully battened mail is brilliant, especially single handed in a breeze...."

James Wearing

“I was very impressed with all the sails, The work you have done on the boat is first class - everything works well and makes things easy - which after all is the point of having systems!”

Les Anderson

“Tested main and furling genoa, they are excellent - Thank you for your outstanding patience, assistance and delivering the whole package so promptly - Would recommend you to anyone needing sails.”

Chris Ryan

“Wow! What service!”

Chris Ryan - "First Light"

“As a repeat customer I wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the storm sail and trysail we recently purchased from SailSolutions.
The sails are high quality and were delivered within the specified time. Relative to quotes I have received from other sail makers I would have to say SailSolutions represents excellent value for money without compromising performance. Thanks also for the friendly and helpful service.”

Peter Webb

“A note to say that the Headsail arrived safely, and has undergone sea trials. We are very pleased with it. It is a perfect fit and shape, and draws well. The colour is exactly as desired. Thanks for prompt service too.”

Bob Phillips

“Sails arrived midday, look great! I’ll be out on the water with them tomorrow Thanks again for the speedy service, I’ll be recommending you to other members of the CYCA.”

Peter Arney

“Thanks very much guys. Hoisted the main this arvo and it looks excellent, I will be recommending SailSolutions to everybody around here.”


’The sail arrived yesterday and I bent it on this morning - it fits beautifully! I must commend you on the quality not only of the sail and its fixtures and fittings but on the whole experience of dealing with your company. It has been a pleasure doing business with you. I will certainly spread the word up here and be in touch soon about a sail cover and possibly a new headsail."

David Vidler

“I have recently purchased a new Mainsail from SailSolutions. I just wanted to let you know the sail fitted beautifully with no need for any alterations and the sail look good and sails wonderfully, thanks very much for a super job."

Eric Flett

“I am very happy with the sail and the service. Hope to deal with you again soon. Thanks and Regards”

Maxwell Green

“I hoisted the furling headsail you supplied me and it has set a great shape. Measurements are perfect and I couldn’t be happier with the sail. Many thanks.”

Bill Babbington

“The sail looks beautiful and performed great both reefed and hauled all the way out. The cut is perfect for Solstice and the workmanship on the sail looks superb. I just wanted to send you both a note to say thank you very much. I appreciate everything you both have done to help Solstice get such a nice and well needed sail.”

Jim Harvey

“We took the boat out yesterday - just wanted to say how happy I am with the sails and boom cover, and your service to measure and install same. All looking very good.”

Nick Hoskin

“Just a quick note to say thanks, the sail fits perfect, and the workmanship looks top class. Will be in touch again soon for a mizzen & main!”

David Chatterton

Once again - loved the service and I’ll be back for more!

Michael Quinn

Our new Tasker Sails are excellent!

Paul Bowie

Dear Greg - sending a note to thank you for the sails. I have now tried in various winds up to 25 knots and are excellent in all conditions and combined with 6/1 outhaul keep a better shape and much more efficient -Thank you

Rowan Bunyard

Got to use my new Spinnaker on my trip Mooloolaba to Gladstone and was very happy how easy to put up and down. I was really impressed with its performance we were making 5.4kts in 8kts of breeze.

Mark Popham

Hi Sam and Greg
The new Tasker sails are performing very well. Thank you.
Attached is a photo of my yacht Force Five in action during a club race.

Garry& Mercedes Heymer

We have received the sock, it looks fantastic, and we hope to try it out very soon.
Your communication during the buying process was wonderful, thank you both so much.

Rod East

November 2022