Rolly Tasker Sails, Australian sailmaker since 1949 - Servicing Australia,NZ and the South Pacific

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The world’s largest, purpose-built sailloft


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Rolly Tasker Sails, Australian sailmaker since 1949, operates from the world’s largest, purpose-built sailloft.


We have produced more than 2.6 million sails worldwide!

We strive to deliver sails of the highest quality at very competitive prices. Rolly Tasker Sails is renowned by sailors across the world for top quality, high performance sails at a highly competitive price. Did you know that there are more offshore yachts sailing the world with Rolly Tasker Sails than any other brand and our sails have won over 37 World and Olympic medals?

This vast 70 years of experience enables us to manufacture sails to suit an extensive range of cruising and performance yachts and catamarans. Our highest goal is to meet, and exceed, even your highest expectations. Our happy customers are the foundation of our business success.

Proudly Servicing Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands

NSW | ACT | VIC | TAS | WA | SA | QLD | NT | NZ | PNG | Fiji

Rolly Tasker Sails Sailmakers

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World Class Design & Efficiency

Our sails are individually designed by our experienced design team using state-of-the-art 3D sail design software SMAR Azure to ensure optimum shape and performance.

This is sailmaking in the 21st century, delivering optimum sail shape efficiency. Our sails are then constructed in our state-of-the-art sail loft – the largest purpose built sail loft in the southern hemisphere - using the highest quality sailcloth from ONLY the world leading cloth suppliers such as Challenge, Contender, Dimension-Polyant and Bainbridge. This combination of bespoke design, high quality materials and efficient construction, all by highly skilled sailmakers, is the key to ensuring that we provide you with top quality sails at the best possible price.

Reduced Environmental Impact

As sailors, the ocean is our playground and at Rolly Tasker Sails we take our environmental impact seriously.

Our vision is to reduce our impact by increased efficiency in construction and reducing material waste. We use the latest technology wherever it makes sense to do so. Our state-of-the-art SMAR Azure software ensures maximum production effectiveness and the minimum environmental impact. To this end, we also use a modern auto-nesting software for the most efficient use of sailcloth panels, thus reducing fabric waste to a minimum.

When we built our new sail loft, we invested heavily in the choice of construction materials, the economic air conditioning system and the arrangement of the work place to produce a low emission efficient facility.

Our wide range of ready to sail, prefabricated sails is another obvious way in which we have increased efficiency and passed on reduced production costs to our customers. Sails such as the versatile Code C reaching sail, ready-made spinnakers and storm sails are pre-made. Whilst there is no compromise in overall quality, the standardised production process makes it possible for these sails to be offered at unbeatable value for money.

Finally, even our surplus cloth does not entirely go to waste. We use remaining offcuts of sailcloth or Sunbrella canvas material to make our sail-bags. After all, as passionate sailors we really do care for our environment!

Why Buy Rolly Tasker Sails?

There are many good reasons why you should invest in your new sail through Rolly Tasker Sails Australia

Largest Purpose Build Sailloft

With the largest purpose built sail loft in the southern hemisphere, we have the technology and resources to make the world class sail you are looking for

Highly Efficient Manufacturing

Our highly efficient manufacturing operation ensures that we can deliver to you the best quality product at a great price

Premium Sailcloth & Hardware

We only use premium sailcloth from such leading US manufacturers as Bainbridge, Contender, Challenge and Dimension Polyant, along with top quality US, Australian and European hardware.

National Support

Unlike overseas on-line sail order houses, we are based in Australia and are here to consult with you at every step of the way on the best cloth, cloth weight, shape and design of your new sail

Full Australian Warranty

All our sails come with a full Australian warranty and a local support network

Fast Turn Around Time

Our fast turn around time is designed to get you out on the water with your new sails as quickly as possible

Our Team

Rolly Tasker Sails Australia

Unit 1, 41-43 Higginbotham Road, Gladesville, NSW, 2111, Australia

Please Note: As we are often out on the water our business our office is not always attended. Please call us to arrange an appointment.

Buying a new sail is a significant investment

See what our thousands of happy customers have had to say - new all under the More Info page dropdown.


April 2024

Just wanted to touch base, now that I have received and installed my new sail and boom bag, firstly I would like to thank you and the team for unbelievable presentation of the product, and your outstanding service along the way.

 The quality of the sails and boom bag are second to none, very happy across the board, colours, fabrication, stitching, and fittings are all incredibly impressive!

Many thanks,



Caron Wagstaff

July 2023

Great Sails. Great service. When it comes to buying new sails, you need a supplier that will give you a quality product and great service as well. Purchasing new sails is a big investment and you need to get it right. When our sails failed in the Pacific, we needed to measure the boat and current sails in order to be able to purchase replacements. Not easy when you don’t have a sail loft! The team at Rolly Tasker Australia did a great job in talking us through the process and answering all our questions quickly and efficiently . The quotation was fast and contained all the information we needed to choose the extras and place the order. Once ordered, they continually updated us with the manufacturing progress and then once the sails were shipped, tracked them through the journey to Tahiti where we had agreed they would be delivered. The sails arrived ahead of schedule and were even delivered to our boat in the marina.. An absolute 5 star service.

Dean and Maggie

May 2023

Pretty stoked with how she performs, the ability to sail in light conditions that our Genoa would normally not be happy in is a game changer for us.

I’ve been raving about it to everyone we meet and I think one or possibly two boats might be inquiring with you soon.

Thanks for all your help

Ken Knight

June 2023

I recently bought a lazy jack boom bag and the product received is fantastic. It looks great when it is all packed away, and so easy to use single handed. I followed the measurements on the online order-form and it all fitted up perfectly.
Thanks guys!

Duncan McKenzie

April 2022

I was involved in detailed discussion with the Tasker representative very soon after my on line enquiry and was able to resolve all measurement and other issues very easily rssolved.

Very happy with the quality and details of the construction and finish.
The sails also work really well!

Brendon Grieve

September 2022

I ordered a new mainsail, genoa and Code '0' with pole for my Lagoon 380 in Fremantle to replace the twenty year old sails. The ordering process was very simple. Rolly Tasker Sails Australia sent a measurement form to complete. I engaged a professional to ensure these were taken correctly. The new sails turned up as scheduled some weeks later and all fitted perfectly! I have subsequently also ordered and received a new spinnaker. I have now sailed almost 1,000nm with the new rig and my boat performs amazingly! Thank you guys :)

Leo Zidek

November 2022

I experienced the best service possible with a legendary company. Derrick Warne was exceptional to ensure I received top quality and support. He said Leo please call me directly anytime, and this was the case as I kept calling him. A true sailer very professional and a knowledgeable gentleman. He pursued any information he couldn't answer within the tasker team for my mainsail, trysail, screecher and deck gear. I am a huge fan of the late legendary Rolly Tasker and find all who work for Tasker Sails feel the same. Hooray.

Shane Leavy (Soraya S&S 30)


I’d like to send a big thanks to Derick. From the ordering process, measuring up, fitting and then test sailing we were very impressed by the service we received. Derick spent alot of time, even helping find and supply a modification for our mast. We had a very exciting day sailing, when we trialed out the new asymmetrical spinnaker and main. I would highly recommend the excellent quality sails and service.

Daniel Fechner

August 2021

A friend of mine referred me to Rolly Tasker Australia after we spoke about me wanting some new sails. Greg and Sam really seem to understand customer service and have been absolutely amazing. I got my brand new sails and not only that - I also got them to do my rigging. I’ve struggled a lot to find a rigger that actually is willing to do some work on my old 25ft yacht. It seems that most companies want to only deal with the top end of the market. Not so Greg and Sam. I think I must have rung them 20times to ask all sorts of random question and asked for customisation.

Thank you Greg and Sam for your outstanding 5-star service!! You guys are amazing!

Tony Wade

May 2022

Very helpful from the first phone call.

The product is very high quality and I'm confident in using it.

My boat is in Sydney but I live in Canberra so there were obviously going to be logistical considerations. Everything was able to be done without me being there. I actually joked to another boater at our mooring that I just provide my credit card number and I turn up to the boat and it's got new bits on it...

Adrian Smith

May 2022

Even if Rolly didn't have a website....his Team have all the answers!

The team at Rolly tasker are into the biz of sail making and understand the quote process and are really helpful with all stages.

I pay for Rolly tasker because I know the sails work.

Just all round good customer service.

The quality and value are leading top shelf selection and that makes the value.

Colin Stone

August 2021

Hi Sam
Forgot to let you know how the code 55 went. It’s fantastic had it out the other weekend in about 7 to 9knots sailing at about 60 degrees and not even trying were doing around 6.5 knots. We were sail with a 11.6 sea wind cat and our Bavaria 33 cruiser with the code 55 left him for dead. He wasn’t happy but we were. Great investment.

Glenn Forrest

July 2021

Hi Sam,
All installed. Works perfectly. Thanks for the great product and service

Simon Zablotsky

June 2021

Hi Sam,
I received my Lazy Jack boom bag today, Thankyou.
I must say I was surprised at the high quality of the item as it surpassed my expectations.
It looks fantastic, I don’t believe I’ve seen one like this in the whole marina, so we’ll made. It’s really going to give our boat a facelift and I’m sure be the envy I’ve our marina neighbours.
I’ll definitely be passing this information on to the others.

Many thanks to both you and Greg.
I can’t wait to order a new main

Cruising and racing sails to suit every need

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Cruising and racing sails to suit every need

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Cruising and racing sails to suit every need

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