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RTSA and NZ Directors Sam and Greg Newton visit Rolly Tasker sail Loft in Phuket, Thailand

RTSA and NZ Directors Sam and Greg Newton visit Rolly Tasker sail Loft in Phuket, Thailand

RTSA Director Sam Newton with Rolly Tasker Sails CEO Sven Cornelius


Ensuring Sails of the Highest Quality and Performance

RTSA & NZ Directors, Sam and Greg Newton have just returned from one of their regular visits to the Rolly Tasker sail loft in Phuket, Thailand.  The Rolly Tasker sail loft is the largest purpose-built sail loft in the world, where all RTS sails are designed and produced for the international dealer network.

 Sam noted some of the highlights of this year’s visit were -

  • Working closely with both the long-term CEO and the Operations Manager to introduce numerous improvements as to how RTS sails are designed, produced and finished to maximise sail performance and longevity at all levels of specification from Inshore through to Offshore and High-Performance.
  • Viewing the latest range of sail cloths from high end Dacrons such as Fastnet and Fibercon through to high performance down wind sail cloths such as Elite, Code Tec and Baltic, all sourced from the world’s leading sail cloth manufacturers such as Challenge, Dimension Polyant, Bainbridge and Contender.  All of these will be available to our local customers throughout 2024.

  • Witnessing first-hand, the ongoing substantial investment in the latest sail making technology from specialist CAD programs through to high-speed flatbed laser cutting machines and three "Twinner" sewing machines from Solent in the UK.  This investment ensures optimum performance design and product quality which can’t be matched by most sail lofts.

  • Meeting with the team at RTS of 114 highly trained staff from design through to engineering, production and administration.  Extremely low staff turnover (over 30% having worked at RTS for over 10 years), ongoing job rotation to broaden skills, high job satisfaction and promotion from within the team, are key indicators to maintaining the highest production quality and efficiency.

Sam and Greg pointed out that this year’s visit proved immensely beneficial in introducing changes that will further refine our product range in 2024, ensuring optimum sail performance and longevity.

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