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Rolly Tasker Sails Go Way Back…

Rolly Tasker Sails Go Way Back…

David Salter, a well-known journalist and friend recently sent us some information about his VJ skiff which reminded us of the heritage of Rolly Tasker Sails which goes way back into the 1950’s, some 70 years ago.

“I’ve been trying to sort out my boxes of old sailing photos and found this snap of my first VJ, rigged up in the backyard, probably 1959 or so. I think I must have been 12 years old. Check out the sails! Back then Tasker had a little shop in the City - from memory in the lower part of Park Street.


Fully battened jib looks a bit extreme for a sail not much larger than a handkerchief, but it seems they were all the go. (Of course, we made all our own battens from raw strips of cane - hours of planing just to get a decent bend). Wooden mast (with wooden halyard cleats), home-made bendy boom and bowsprit.

Today things have moved along at Rolly Tasker Sails. All of our sails are designed and constructed in our state-of-the-art sail loft in Phuket, Thailand. Each sail is designed individually by our experienced sail designers and our design department then uses cutting edge 3D-modelling software to construct sails with optimum shape and performance. Following that, the sails are built by our skilled sailmakers with handcrafting, only using sailcloth from the leading cloth suppliers such as Challenge, Bainbridge and Contender. The combination of high-quality material, a modern and efficient sailloft and highly skilled sailmakers is the key to providing the highest quality products.

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