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New Generation of Performance and Club Race Sails

New Generation of Performance and Club Race Sails

At Rolly Tasker Sails, we have strong core convictions, which have been passed on by our founder, the legendary racing and ocean yachtsman Rolly Tasker. And the very epicentre of these values is the one aim to always produce high quality but affordable sails of the best possible value for money.

In line with this philosophy we have always preferred cross-cut sails, unless specific demands dictated otherwise. Cross-cut sails ensure a perfect shape and efficient production with minimal cloth wastage which, consequently, is most beneficial to the sailor.

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In performance sails, we have now taken the next step with the new Lite Skin® laminate, a material specifically designed for Rolly Tasker Sails by the world’s leading sailcloth manufacturer, Dimension-Polyant (USA). Lite Skin® is the perfect solution for the Club Racer or performance-oriented cruising sailor. Where performance matters, but also value for money – in keeping with our traditional core values at Rolly Tasker Sails.

Compared to modern membrane sails, the Lite Skin® laminate will stand up to UV and humidity stresses for much longer and is much less sensitive for delamination. While professionally sponsored Grand Prix racing teams may have no qualms about effectively throwing away complete sets of sails after only one or two racing season’s use, the performance sails made from Lite Skin® laminate will have a long life-cycle. Once their racing days are over, they will still be good enough to serve as back-up, cruising or delivery sails.


What is Lite Skin®? This specifically developed external layer of the laminate is made up of a random array of non-woven polyester filaments and exclusive Dimension-Polyant UVt® finish coating. The resulting properties are reduced film shrinkage, increased UV resistance, increased chafe resistance, opaque technical appearance and reduced water absorption. In simple words: This modern yet also traditional laminate is strong, durable and light. A free bonus is the elegant look in anthracite grey.

These sails come in a polyester version for smaller boats and in an Aramid version for yachts in the size range up to 40 feet. A laminate with identical properties for larger vessels up to about 46 feet is currently being developed and will soon also be available.

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